Guide To Digital Transformation Awards Application

Guide To Digital Transformation Awards Application

The application process for the annual digital transformation (dx)100 (formerly CIO100 Awards) is already closed. We do hope you submitted your organisation's details for nomination. The programme, now in its 14th year, celebrates 100 organisations (and the people within them) that are using IT in innovative ways to deliver business value.  This could be through creating competitive advantage, optimising business processes, enabling growth, improving relationships with customers, or digitally transforming business-as-usual. Anyone can apply for the awards. Notably, the applications should be technology-based and should focus on how the organisation utilised tech to drive digital transformation and business value. Applications that focus on the business goals and results of the project or use of technology have a better chance of winning. Applicants must provide data and examples that support their claims of innovation and show exactly how the business value was delivered. The most successful applications are written by the CIO or another business-oriented IT manager, with input from both business stakeholders and technical staff. Winning applications should also include narrative examples or anecdotes that illustrate the results of your project, such as descriptions of how employees work differently, how customers interact with your company in new ways or the impact the project has had on your market. Technology vendors and their PR representatives can also nominate their clients or customers to get recognized. No, there is no fee to nominate yourself, your organisation, customer , or partner.  
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November 22 - 24, 2023

Leisure Lodge Beach and Golf Resort, Diani

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